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Everything You Need to Know about Disney Ear Hats

Can you still get Mickey ears at Disney parks? What’s the history of Disney Ear hats at Disney parks?

Are Disney ear hats collectible?

Disney has thousands of different things you can collect from their theme parks, but none is as iconic as the Mickey Ears. Some would even go so far as to say that your trip to any Disney Park is not complete without a pair. The classic Mickey Ears were a simple, small felt cap with some plastic ears attached. These classic ears were created in the 1950s and were an instant hit at Disneyland.

The design of the Mickey Ears has evolved since its origins. From personalized embroidered names on the back to all kinds of crazy designs, the ears have changed and grown with the times. Recently (or at least comparatively recently) the big trend is Mickey Ears with a headband. Originally these ears were sold as Minnie Mouse Ears and would often be paired up with a style of Mickey Mouse Ears (the ones with the classic felt hat). The designs might be similar or in some cases, the two designs would be sold together as a pair. There are a few wedding designs of these hats for example that people would wear on their honeymoon or if they were getting married at the parks.

As the popularity of the headband style grew, the idea that it was just “for girls” diminished. Today anyone can wear either style of mouse ears. There’s also a huge increase in the styles and designs of these headband style ears to choose from as well. You can get a pair of these ears in anything from the classic black ears to themes from Disney movies or rides, all the way to high end fashion versions. 

The price of these ears is as varied as the styles. with pairs selling for about forty US dollars to some going in the thousands (covered in real crystals). These ears are also becoming huge collectibles as some pairs are available for limited times or only at specific parks around the world. The great thing about the current trend is that you can really find a pair of ears for any Disney thing that you love. The problem is that some are really hard to find and can cost you a fortune to buy.

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