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Is Walt Disney Frozen (and maybe under Disneyland)

Was Walt Disney frozen? Is Walt Disney buried under Disneyland? 

Of all of the conspiracy theories about Disney, this is probably the weirdest and maybe darkest. While it would take digging up the body of Walt to prove it 100%, the chances of Walt being frozen being true are slim to none. The strongest bit of evidence to prove that he’s not frozen and buried under Disneyland is the fact that you can visit Walt’s grave at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Sure, you can’t see the body, but I think needing to see that he’s really buried is a little far-fetched.

There are many theories as to where this rumor came to be, but no one knows for sure. It’s very likely that people believe/created this story because Walt was known as an innovator. He was always known to push the envelope of technology and dream about what the future might hold. At the time of his death, theories about cryogenic freezing were starting to make the news. It’s possible that people took Walt’s optimism about the future, and this new technology and blended the stories together.

Sadly, there’s little reason to believe that Walt will ever come back as according to the Disney family his remains were cremated. While it’s great to think of Walt as having the forethought to try and cheat death using modern technology, it just isn’t likely at all. In some ways, however, this rumor is also fairly disrespectful as well. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for the Disney family to read that their departed loved one might be frozen and buried under the theme park that he loved. It’s a little dark for a man that wanted to bring people happiness.

Walt passed away at a fairly young age and at a time he still had many ideas to build. There are many memorials to him, however this fairly macabre idea doesn’t really due his memory justice. Sure it might be wishful thinking for some, it’s also a cruel conspiracy that suggests something rather dark and weird for this legendary creator.

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