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What Are the Top 5 Disney Lego Sets (and 1 Honourable Mention)

I have to be honest; Disney is not my first love. My first love is actually Lego. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t love Lego, the one toy I have sitting on my computer right at this moment is a Lego mini figure. I feel like Lego has done an amazing job at not only keeping up with my childhood, but even transitioning into my adulthood. When I was a kid Lego was cool, and it remains cool to this day.  Lego has also managed to crossover with many of my other loves, including Disney. 

With that, here’s my list of 5 of the coolest Disney themed Lego sets out there, with one honorable mention. This list is based on nothing more than my personal interest in getting them. Your opinions may vary, and I’d like to know what your favourite sets might be. Maybe in a future post we’ll list the most popular Lego sets as suggested by our readers. I also invite you to share your favourites because maybe you know of a set that I don’t, and maybe I might add it to my list of coolest sets. All items are attached with links to Amazon, and I am given a small commission for any purchases.

Walt Disney Tribute Camera ( – 43230 – Of all the sets on this list, this one is probably most focused on Disney nerd culture. There are so many Easter eggs with this set that it will make your head spin. The length of film that comes with this camera is full of Lego tributes to classic Disney films. There are shots recreated in Lego going as far back as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, all the way to Encanto.

If that wasn’t enough the picture featured on the viewfinder features one of the early multi-plane shots from the animated short Old Mill. This is a great tribute to the fact that Disney was not only a pioneer in story telling, but also film technology. Inside the camera, rather than seeing a bunch of gears and film, there’s a drawing table for Walt to sit down and create some of his classic characters. Did I mention, this comes with a Walt Disney mini fig, that alone should be a good enough reason to buy it.

Pick up this ultimate Walt Disney Lego set on Amazon.

The Sanderson Sisters’ ( – 21341 – If you had of told me in 1993 that there would be a Lego set dedicated to Hocus Pocus, I wouldn’t have believed you. Not only is it amazing that this movie has stuck around for so many years, but this Lego set has so many cool details to celebrate both of the films. 

Some of the cool features include a spinning water wheel that makes pink smoke come out of the chimney, the book of spells featured in the movies, and the set includes a mini fig for their cat Thackery Binx. I also think it’s the only opportunity you have to build a Bette Midler mini fig which is pretty awesome and if you’re a true Lego die hard you can mix it with your Seinfeld set as well.

Pick up this set for yourself, or your kids since they know what the Sanderson Sisters are too.

Rapunzel’s Tower & The Snuggly Duckling ( – 43241 – While Rapunzel was a fine Disney film, it’s not really my favourite. That might make the reason I chose these sets to be a little peculiar. This set however offers two features that instantly make me smile and to me that’s reason enough to own it. This first is just the name of the restaurant “The Snuggly Duckling”, every time I hear those words I smile even in Lego form.

The second cool feature of this Lego set is the blond rope slide that your Lego figures can glide down. I love it when Lego has action features, and this one’s pretty cool. The only flaw of this set is the scale, in other words I want more of this set, rather than less. A taller tower would be great, so my mini figs can slide down even longer, and a Snuggly Duckling that could be filled up with mini figs for lunch break would be great.

Pick up this set and let all your Lego figures glide down her hair.

Disney Celebration Train ( – 43212 – I think I love this set because while it’s small, it reminds me of the many big parades I’ve seen at various Disney parks all over the world. While there really isn’t any particular part of this train that really matches any particular float I’ve seen, the spirit matches what you might see going through any Disney park on any give day. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the parades the mini figs that come with this set are worth the price. Peter Pan Tinker Bell, Mickey, Minnie, Moana and Woody are such a diverse collection of mini figs from some classic Disney films.

While this set would fit perfectly on my desk, I think it would be really cool if Lego actually built a series of sets based on the various parades all over the world, but for now this will give me that warm fuzzy feeling that I need. While this set features some great parade elements, I really need that fire breathing dragon to fulfill my parade building needs.

Pick up this set and make your own desk top Disney parade right now.

Disney Castle ( – 43222 – I have a problem with this set, and it’s a problem for both me and Lego. The problem is that I want every single Disney park castle available in Lego form. But If I have every castle, I’ll then want every attraction. Honestly, I guess I’m happy they’ve stopped here, because I would probably spend every cent I have if they put out every single attraction from every single park. The great thing about this castle is that it houses more than one princess, and includes mini figs for Snow White and Prince Florian, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen and Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. It’s nice that they include both the classic and modern characters. 

The inside of the castle has all kinds of hidden features for princess from Disney lore (not just the ones that come with the set). Fortunately the back is opened up and easy to access each room with great details from many Disney movies. You’ll find a tower for Rapunzel, a dinner set up for Bell and even a bed for Sleeping Beauty, just to name a few.

Pick up this set and start building your perfect Disney theme park.

Goofy Key Chain ( – 854196  – This is the honourable mention, I think mostly because it’s not really a Lego set. It’s just one mini fig attached to a key chain. The thing is, if I could only have one Disney mini fig attached to my keys, Goofy would totally be my choice. I actually don’t have one of these, so it’s going to be ending up on my wish list for my next birthday or Christmas. The other problem is that I live in a house that uses cards to open doors, so I don’t really have any keys.

Pick up this and be a goof or pick one up for me and be the best friend I’ve ever had.

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