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Have a Magical Day: Hidden Meaning Plus 8 Interesting Codes

“Have a magical day” the cast member exclaimed as I left the ride. I had a few complaints about how slow this line was moving, and the fact that the ride stopped several times while I was on it. I paid a lot for this vacation, and I wasn’t going to let anything, including incompetence ruin it for me or my family.

This did not happen to me (I make a point of being as friendly as possible to cast members), but I’m sure it happens pretty regularly at every park. At first glance it seems like the cast member did everything to try and make this very rude person that likely just yelled at them feel good, even though they were being complete jerks. The thing is, there might be something else going on.

“Have a magical day” is said to be code. Cast members have many ways to say things to each other, as well as guests that appear positive, but are in fact very negative. Another example is a “code H”, if you hear a cast member saying “code H” on their radio it’s not good. The best way to explain it is H stands for honey and we all know which bear loves honey and… well you’ll fill in the rest. 

Have a magical day is also said to be code, and this code means “F… you”. There is no published book that says this expressly, however several former cast members have written about this. If you’re being a jerk, you should have a magical day or f… you.

What can you do if this ever happens to you? First and foremost, stop being a jerk. Cool off, get something to eat, or even just breath. If this happens and you realize that you were being a jerk, apologies to the cast member. Maybe even talk to their manager and admit that you were being a jerk and this person managed to hold it together enough not to punch you in the face.

The thing about secrets and codes is once they become public knowledge (i.e. posted on the internet) they often go away. So it could be that this is no longer the case and if someone hopes you have a “magical day”, maybe they’re being sincere. I think you’d have to review your most recent actions and let us know if you deserved it or not.

  • Code V – The “V” is the fist letter of the word that it represents and it means that someone couldn’t handle a thrill ride.
  • Signal 25 – If you see smoke and hear Signal 25, there’s a fire.
  • Signal 70 of Lost Adult- Lost child, I’m sure this one’s used a lot.
  • Code 101 or 102 – The ride is broken.
  • White Powder Alert or Code A – This one is common at the Haunted Mansion, and it means there’s a funeral going on, an unauthorized funeral.