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Ponchos: Why Pack Them and Important Rainy-Day Facts

Does it rain often at Disney parks? What should I bring to keep me dry at Disney? Are ponchos expensive to buy at Disney parks?

There is no perfectly dry Disney Park. Here’s the annual average rainfall for each park:

Tokyo Disney – 63 inches

Walt Disney World (Florida) – 54 inches

Disneyland California – 13 inches

Shanghai Disney – 50 inches

Disneyland Hong Kong – 88 inches

Disneyland Paris – 25 inches

I sometimes wonder why they don’t build Disney parks in the desert. While California and Paris aren’t too bad, the rest of these parks get some pretty heavy doses of rain. Several are well known for having rather intense hurricanes/monsoons seasons as well. When they build new Disney parks, they have certain requirements to make sure the location is suitable. It appears however that rain (or even extreme rain) is not taken into consideration.

This is all to say that other than California and Paris, there’s a good chance that it’s going to rain at least one day while you’re visiting the parks. In some cases it might rain every day. Visiting the parks while it’s raining is still pretty fun, but there’s one thing you should always do, stay dry. 

While most of the parks have pretty warm regular temperatures, when you’re wet it can get pretty cold and uncomfortable. This can be even worse when you go into a cool restaurant or air-conditioned ride when you’re soaking wet. Being dry is very important and it’s really easy to do, all it takes is a simple plastic poncho. Disney knows this, as the minute the first drop of rain hits the ground, you’ll start to see rain ponchos appearing at the front of every single store and gift shop in the parks.

The problem with these ponchos is they’re horribly overpriced. For the price of just one poncho at a Disney Park, you can probably order an entire box of them on Amazon. Ponchos are also really small and easy to carry, so there’s really little excuse not to bring one along. If you want to avoid one of the biggest markups in all of Disney, bring your own ponchos. Make sure you’re carrying them, even if you’re at one of the parks where it only rains occasionally. It only takes one rainy downpour to ruin your day out. Best of all many people seek shelter when it rains, but if you have your poncho you can keep going rain or shine.