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Packing for Disney: It’s All In The Shoes

Will I be walking a lot on my Disney vacation? What kinds of shoes should I bring (or not bring) on my Disney vacation?

I used to brag that I walked a lot. I didn’t really understand what “a lot” really meant however until I visited a Disney Park. There are very few things I can predict about your (or my) next visit to any Disney Park, except I can guarantee that you will walk a lot. I don’t use the word “a lot” lightly either. We’re talking hours and hours of walking every single day. If you love walking, you’ll probably be tired of it by the end of every single day you spend in the park. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s great for your health, and really fun to do at Disney parks. Since walking is an undeniable fact on your next Disney Park vacation, you should seriously think about your footwear.

My first tip is probably the most obvious, yet one I’ve seen broken about a million times at parks all over the world, and that’s comfort over style. I’ve seen people wearing the most uncomfortable dress shoes with high heels so many times at Disney parks. I understand that people like to dress up at the parks, but unless you’re only planning on spending a few hours in the parks, it’s best to think of comfort first. If you’re worried that your shoes aren’t going to match your outfit, just ask your friends (or Disney photographer) to shoot you from the knees up.

The other thing to think about is wetness. If you visit any store specializing in hiking or camping, the number one thing they’ll mention about your footwear is how important it is that your feet stay dry. Wet feet are not only uncomfortable but can actually do immediate damage to your feet. While you might be okay on that day, the damage could make it hard to walk on day two of your trip. This is why it’s important to check the weather at your park and wear the appropriate footwear to keep your toe dry.

Worth mentioning, but not always a concern is open toed shoes or flip-flops. If they’re comfortable then by all means wear them to the park but keep a few things in mind. Some rides may not allow you to keep those shoes on while ridding. If there’s any risk of them falling off, you might be asked to remove them. There are also a few restaurants at various parks around the world that do not allow you to wear casual shoes like flip-flops into the restaurant. For the most part, you’ll probably be okay but you might want to double check before you head out for the day.

Personally, my footwear of choice when visiting the parks are Sketchers sneakers. I was inspired when I read an article about a tour guide in Europe who swore by them. I picked up my first pair many years ago, and they have remained my tourist shoe of choice (particularly at Disney Parks). If I think there’s any chance of a rainy day (so just about every visit I make to any Disney Park) then I’ll also bring a pair of waterproof sandals or Crocks. My theory is that my feet are going to get wet, but by wearing waterproof sandals and removing the socks, my feet will dry fairly quickly no matter how wet they get. 

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